Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Not Part of the Solution

I suppose these last few days before the wedding wouldn't be nearly so interesting if it wasn't for some conflict. It's like TV or a book, where something has to go wrong towards the end in order for there to be a big climax. Then it all gets resolved, and the characters live happily ever after. Until the next story, when the wacky hijinks start all over again.

Quite possibly some of the most important details of the wedding are up in the air. I sent my dress in to a tailor to be shortened, and they said it would take one week, to be ready on Friday. The tailor shop calls Thursday to tell me that it won't be ready until the following Tuesday. Okay... whatever. I call Monday to make sure I can pick it up on Tuesday. No answer, so I leave a message. I suspected they were at one of the immigrant-rights rally or doing the nationwide boycott, because they're always there during store hours and they never called me back. Fine with me, so long as my dress is ready on time, right? So I call yesterday (Tuesday) to make sure everything's fine and dandy. It's not.

"It won't be ready until Wednesday morning," the lady says. "I remember because you were asking about whether you have time for dry cleaning."

"Right, except you told me it'd be ready by Tuesday morning. Tuesday. That's today," I say.

"Oh. I'm very sorry, " she replies lamely.

So Sam and his parents are picking it up today and bringing it to the dry cleaners for me to have it pressed, since we'll need all the time we can get to make sure it's done. But that tailor is so unprofessional! Sure, they should stand up for whatever rights and beliefs they hold dear. Prove their worth to the community. Or take a day off, if that's what they were doing. But they shouldn't shirk their responsibilities, especially when their reputation and livelihood is at stake. I'm a paying customer. Their worth to the community is highly questionable when they can't take care of their paying customers. Lord knows I will never take my business there again, and I'll make sure everybody I know doesn't either. So stay away from Flavio's Alterations, everybody! So frustrating... (Ciara, how'd your dress turn out, BTW? Did you get yours on time?)

The weather isn't cooperating either. It was supposed to be sunny on Saturday, but we've had about 5 straight days of cloudy, dreary weather. It might clear up a little, so I'm hoping for just enough sunshine for some good pictures. My ring isn't here yet either, but I looked at the tracking, and it's supposed to be delivering soon. I really can't wait to see it, cuz I have a feeling it'll be lovely.

I've kinda lost steam on this entry, so I'll end it here. Sorry for the rant!


At May 04, 2006 8:22 AM, Anonymous KristineK said...

At least rain on your wedding day is supposed to be good luck! (Good luck!)

At May 04, 2006 9:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Krissy,

Yeah, I was supposed to have my dress done last Friday, but they called and said it wouldn't be ready until Tuesday. So I went in to pick it up on Tuesday, but it turns out that I needed it to be let out more. So It won't be ready until either Friday afternoon or Saturday morning! Isn't that awful? I know that they have a lot of customers, but sheesh! Flavio worked for Armani too! Oh well. They're going to press it for me and everything so hopefully it'll turn out all right. -Ciara


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